Vital Prescription Refills

It's always best to anticipate your prescription refill needs so that any necessary prescriptions can be written during your scheduled office visit or treatment. Please monitor your need for pain medication refills carefully and allow plenty of time to acquire a written prescription.

If you need a refill, please bring your pharmacy number and the container of medicine that needs to be refilled. If you can't do this, please call our office as early as possible during regular office hours for non-narcotic prescription refills. All your requests will be handled promptly at Cancer Center Of North Dakota.

Narcotic prescription refills

By law, you must have a written prescription for narcotic medications like Percocet, MS Contin, or Oxycontin. Unfortunately, this means that no narcotic pain prescriptions can be made after office hours or during weekends. No exceptions are possible due to federal regulations.

We are extremely sympathetic to your needs and want you to have the medications you need. However, we cannot violate the law. We recommend you to keep track of your medications and get your refill prescriptions written when you visit your physician.

We thank you in advance for understanding these policies.