Infusion Therapy

Cancer Center of North Dakota is committed to providing the absolute latest in individualized treatments in a stress reducing, healing environment.

Our infusion area is bright and open with customized chairs providing many comfortable and individualized entertainment options. There are no barriers between the nurses and physicians and our patients – we are ready to provide care, consultation, or conversation. You have a choice of an open chair to connect with others or a semi-private room to reflect.

Our treatment medications and immunotherapy drugs are mixed immediately prior to administration, customized precisely to each patient. Cancer Center of North Dakota has access to all immunotherapy related drugs and other supportive therapies available in the United States.

Our staff and team have an unwavering commitment to compassionate, caring and comprehensive care and to restoring your health. We are here for you when it
matters most.

What can infusion therapy treat?

Infusion therapy can be employed to treat serious or chronic infections that do not respond to oral antibiotics. Cancers and the pain caused by cancers; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; dehydration caused by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; and other serious diseases, such as Crohn'sdisease, are typical examples.

Additional complex illnesses that respond best to intravenous medications include: multiple sclerosis, some forms of arthritis, and some types of immune deficiency disorders.