Medical Oncology

Cancer Center of North Dakota is committed to providing the absolute latest in individualized immunotherapy and targeted cancer therapies in a stress reducing, healing environment.

Our infusion (or chemotherapy) area is bright and open with customized chairs providing many comfortable and individualized entertainment options. There are no barriers between the nurses and physicians and our patients – we are ready to provide care, consultation, or conversation. You have a choice of an open chair to connect with others or a semi-private room to reflect.

Our chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs are mixed immediately prior to administration, customized precisely to each patient. Cancer Center of North Dakota has access to all cancer-fighting drugs and other supportive therapies available in the United States.

Our staff and team have an unwavering commitment to compassionate, caring and comprehensive care and to restoring one’s health. We are here for you when it
matters most.


Infusion Room / Chemotherapy Area

  • Room’s design is exclusive in North Dakota.

  • Stress reducing, healing environment with ample windows.

  • No barriers between nurses and physicians and their patients.

  • Patient’s choice of open chair or semi-private room.

  • Customized chairs provide patients the ultimate comfort with ergonomic design and individual entertainment — music or video — options.

Infusion Room / Pharmaceutical Mixing

  • Chemotherapy drugs mixed immediately prior to administration, customized to each patient

  • Access to all cancer-fighting drugs available in the United States.

  • State-of-the-art biosafety cabinet that ventilates the air to ensure it is chemical free.

  • First free-standing clinic in North Dakota to offer an automatic electronic pharmaceutical expressing machine that is connected to the automated ordering system of the pharmaceutical supplier, ensuring medications are dispensed the day of care.